Change in Iran is Possible

in Iran

Millions of us Iranians living outside Iran are praying for a better life in Iran every day. However our prayers are different that what is going on inside our home country. Our everyday life is dependent on what is happening, at least for most of us. You can hear all that bad news to a certain degree. The rest is history.

Inside our home country however, the ninth election of the current regime of Iran is under way. There are many disagreements about whether to participate in the election or not. We Iranians are now facing a new era of practicing democracy by talking about terms of change for a better life. BBC Persian has a live broadcasting program that enables these debates among us Iranians. This is a welcoming opportunity and optimistic channel to open up a dialog about various topics that define our Iranian life, Iranian self-awareness and identity.

Bringing in a psychological perspective on these dialogues we can hope that a healthy communication increases our mental and physical health. Why our mental health? Because the chance for telling and listening to one another's points of view while keeping the respect for freedom of speech, creates an encouraging environment for all of us where thriving increases and hope finds a way into our veins.

Although problems in Iran are overwhelmingly high, listening to these non judgmental and unbiased discussions you will hear the view points of Iranians inside Iran and everywhere else.

The most fascinating and remarkable things that has happened in our home country past 30 years of turbulence, is that our young people and the new generation are highly open minded. Listening to all these young people who participate in the BBC Persian debates, you hear how small possibilities are being viewed as half full of the glass.

This is amazing how these young females and males believe in challenging the current system despite all the odds to enable change. There is no doubt that Iranian women living inside Iran fight wholeheartedly for change in terms of women's rights. In this path, they are eager to participate in the election with hope for having a new president better that the current one.

On the contrary most of us Iranians who live outside Iran may be confused about the avenues and possibilities for change inside Iran.

All along feeling that change in Iran is possible could help to increase our hope, our sense of belonging to our roots, and the optimism for a better Iranian life in future for us and for our significant ones. May change be possible and doable.

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Change in Iran is Possible

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This article was published on 2010/04/02