Iran Revolution and the Implications For World Economies

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If you haven't heard about what's going on in Iran, the last 10 days or so, then it is likely you are living in a bubble. The world is watching ordinary Iranian citizens up rise against the tyranny of a government they are living under. These people seek 2 main things. Freedoms that we have in the Western World, and to, as a nation, be friends with the outside world, something that the current presidential regime has not been trying to accomplish. Will the Iranians succeed at overthrowing their government and creating a new free, powerful nation? It's possible, but I won't speculate on the chances. I will however take a brief look at how a new democratic government in Iran could change the world economy for good.

#1 Oil Prices and Less Worry
Iran has the third largest reserves of oil in the world, to Saudi Arabia, and Canada. A Western friendly Iran could be less tension in times of oil price turmoil. Even though Iran is responsible for probably about 4% of all US oil used, their politics play a much larger role than you would expect in the oil prices over here in the US. A friendly Iran will mean less tensions, and probably much more stable oil prices.

#2 Free Trade with Iran
Currently sanctions have cut off many of the freedoms Iran has for trade. Anything from mom and pop shops looking to sell their products outside Iran, to the use of Internet is hampered by the sanctions the United Nations has on the country. The lifting of sanctions would likely lead to a prosperous and flourishing Iranian economy, which would spread throughout the world making the global economy all the more efficient. With Iraq, now a Democracy, for Iran to follow in it's footsteps would have a huge impact on the Arab economies, and likely the entire world.

The coming days and weeks should be interesting to see just where this goes. Hopefully not too many lives are lost, but the Iranians are able to secure their freedom from the current regime.

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Iran Revolution and the Implications For World Economies

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This article was published on 2010/03/31